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    new to .30 carbine. Do you use small rifle or small pistol primers?


    Small rifle typically look at the reloading data to make sure.


    I’ve been reloading 30 carbine for over 20 years. My first load was 15.5 gr IMR4227 with small rifle primers. This drove 110 gr bullets about 1900 fps. After a few years I found a new load on the CMP website. The auther of the article gave a little history on the development of 30 carbine ammo. It seems there was a concern of erosion of the barrelso Winchester came up with two new components. The first was non corrosive primers. The second was a new smokeless powder W296. He suggested following the original koad of 15.0 gr of W295 using either small rifle primers or small rifle magnum primers. This powder requires a heavy taper crimp to insure full powder ignition. I have been using this load for many years. This load pushes a 110 gr bullet about 1950 fps.

    Harold Mendelson

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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