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    Ed, I’ve been tossing around the idea of getting an 80% lower, but I can’t seem to find anyone that has a mill that I can use to complete it. I’ve seen on some forums that people have been getting together and doing “build parties” where they go rent out a machine shop for a couple of hours and all split the cost (or all of them meet at a members shop if they’re lucky enough to know someone with a mill). Would you be willing to help get this organized or happen to know of any machine shops down in your area that might be willing to do this? Maybe if you get enough support, you could purchase the lowers in a bulk order and we could in turn purchase them from you. You make money, and we can support our local gun shop. Just a thought.




    Maybe anyone who’s interested could post here so we can see how many people are actually interested?


    I will help if we find enough??

    Is this a AK Receiver ????

    Stick info here if interested..


    I should of clarified, I meant AR receiver, but I’m sure there are a lot of people, myself included, that would love to do an AK build as well. A local company in Jacksonville (TR Enabling)sells 80% AR lowers and jigs, also a new company in VA (The gun vault) is trying to get into the game as well and will be starting production in Mid-Sept. TR Enabling has their lowers for 70$ each and the Gun Vault has theirs listed for <$30 depending on quantity ordered. The only problem with the VA company is that I guess they aren't in production yet and are using the ordering for the lowers to purchase the machine equipment in order to make them. TR Enabling http://shop.lower80.com/main.sc

    The Gun Vault


    Website that shows the information about The Gun Vault’s Billet lowers:


    I’m sure there are tons more companies that offer them, but these are two local companies. If someone else has some leads for other sites with them, feel free to share. Whether we decide AR or AK, it doesn’t matter to me, i’m sure it’ll be fun as hell either way!


    Great idea! But if you make it you must keep it. Without numbers they cannot be transfered to another shootert. I have a friend that did this in NY. Now he has to move his ARs but cant. I want him to move here. While they cannoy be sold to anyone ,he can still keep them here.


    Very true. It’s also my understanding that they cannot be gifted either. If you build it, you keep it, forever.


    I have metal lowers finished $99

    I have complete poly lowers with parts and stock $129

    Is it worth all the hassle?


    It’s probably much cheaper to just buy a forged mil-spec lower, but this way, people get to actually build their own. Plus these 80% lowers are billet aluminum. The material oesn’t make much difference to me, but at least you could say you built it. Plus, since there is no serial number, there is no way to tell you have this gun. Some people like having an AR/AK that the ATF/NCIC doesn’t know about. It’s probably not worth the hassle, but like I said, it’ll be a hell of a good time. :mrgreen:


    I would go to the party. But I would buy or bring 7075 t6 billet or forged 80% lowers. Without a jig a CNC mill is needed. Jigs on a drill press do not last long.

    Some say 95% lowers.

    If you are steady with a Dremel, you can get kevlar/polymer 80% lowers. As below.



    I think I might be interested assuming the quality of the jigs and such would yield a good lower, I would especially be interested in the billet lower and even more than that the idea of building a bunch of ak’s is very intriguing. Should this come together I am in! -Brent Raber


    I’d be up for an AK build party. Right now i have 3 kits i need built.


    Sounds interesting, I’m in. What is the list of equipment we need? Who do we get the receiver from? Is someone taking up money for essentials? Let me know.. Email me please.. GlockTrigger@gmail.com ElDee


    The hard part is getting a machine shop that will rent you time on a CNC, Lathe or Milling Machine.

    Since these are the lifeline to the business they are in it would be very hard to find one that would be willing to take the risk.

    Now AK receivers can be built fairly easily on a press from northen and/or harbor freight, that bends your flats.

    The milling can be done on a lower cost milling machine from same. CNC Machines would be the best but are of higher cost and since you can program them really are simple to cut with. The Dremel solution works, but I highly advice on getting a stand they make all sorts for these, and if you are not careful and use a guide collet you will damage the billet. That stated I have seen it done on a router with metal cutting bits and guide collar, they made the billet guide oversize to allow the guide to follow the outline

    It works but lower the speed down to the specs stated with the bit, roto zip will cut the metal also, and if you crafted the manner to follow the guide would work.

    So there are some ideas alot of it is posted online in youtube.



    I’d love to do either an AK OR AR build party. I’ve got a mostly done 80 AK receiver still waiting on parts kits to drop in price and an 80% AR receiver on the way. Let me know if either of these happen.


    For the AK 80% blanks, will need to be heat treated. But it is not hard to do, as you may just do the pin holes, as below.


    Tools for the AK are easy to use.


    The AR 80% blanks may be faster, because of no heat treat. Then just install lower parts and place the upper one piece.


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