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    I stopped by your shop on a day off today 6/13 and didn’t know you were still out of town after New Bern. I did have a chance

    to check over the used Rem. 1100 12 guages you had in the store. I came back later in day and again more closely checked two of them over.

    The one I selected to buy (from the previous weekend’s collection you mentioned earlier) had no magazine spring or magazine spring plug that we could find when I broke the 1100 down for inspection. Carlos and another of your employees went in the back and came up with a new proper magazine spring and correct magazine spring cap for the older 1100 and installed them for me. Carlos also gave me a new O-ring for the 1100 as a kindness. They didn’t charge me anything for the extras they supplied, either.

    Long story short – I paid a fair price for a used but not abused shotgun, and left with a fully functioning firearm due to your employees’ outstanding service and help to make the purchase go through. My compliments – I will be back again soon.

    All the best, Redclay7 6/13 :mrgreen:


    Thank you and I will tell the guys a good job well done..Thank you for your continued support.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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