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    Hey, Ed. Are you going to have plenty of 1000rd cases of Fed .223 at the show this weekend?? Also, I’m looking for a carry. I’m female and would like something in the 40 or 45 cal range. Test drove the springfield xd compact .45….slide is too difficult to operate. Any suggestions?? Thanks so much.


    H&K pistols are fairly smooth and easy to cycle. Glock is always good choice too.



    Due to weight we usually do not carry ammo to the shows. We have it at the store.


    A few years ago, when I took my wife to search for her carry piece, I told her to handle everything in the store and not look at the price tag. Find out which gun fits the best in her hand, and she can pull and sight quickly. Long story short. Her .45 is an H&K USP ct (compact) and she has a H&K P2000sk (compact) in .40 with the LEM triger for her conceal bag.

    She had no idea what the prices were or the brands. ie she’s not an H&K snoob. Believe me I had to swallow hard to shell out that kind of dough. But when the wife wants a gun, :mrgreen: 😆 ! I get to go to Ed’s and give him some of my money. (The right tool for the job is almost always worth the price.)

    She loves them both. She did have to learn the different triggers. The LEM trigger is a point and shoot, save your butt trigger. Long first pull, with a very short reset. Follow up shots are great. This pistol is well balanced and the felt recoil is lighter than what I have felt when shooting .40 cal Glocks. Just my (and my wifes) opinion, no “scientific research” is behind this opinion.

    The USP trigger is much smoother and consistent. It is better for tight groupings on paper targets.


    Great guns…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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