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    Do yall have any 45acp and/or 38 in bulk, maybe 200 or more per box, How about 22lr? if so can you post price? I will drive the long distance as usual to see u fellows. if you have 22s especially, hold and put my name on it, when u get this, (tried calling, bussssyyyyyyyy signals) and I will check the forum for answer if i dont get thru land land. If i get response today before closing I will come today…….I drove there two weeks ago, and the gentleman got the last box of remington 22s as I was walking in, arghhhh. Said i will call next time, even though I enjoy the drive to Vass,with my wife…just to qualk over the firearms..Told my wife , do u need a reason to come here even if out of ammo… lol…she agreed, god love her. Any Marlins come in,,, with JM on the barrel , not REP. PLEASE PLEASE IN YOUR TRAVELS LOOK FOR PORTED BARRELS MARLINS, AND BRING HOME.Thanks again to you and your staff.djj/uscg ret.


    I went to the NRA banquet today will need to post in am

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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