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    I would like to purchase an ar-15 rifle, w/an eotec sight on it,

    not familiar with them, and would like your personal opinion in regards to price, quality, and dependability,

    thanks in advance,




    The ar 15 rifle is one of the most user friendly rifle platforms on Earth. Nearly every part of the rifle has the ability to be customized to suit your personal shooting style/purpose. I own several different ar platforms. Each has a different function. One of them is my customized match rifle. It shoots over 1000 yards with match ammo with great ease :mrgreen: . My usual plinking rifle is “cheap.” However it has a JP enterprises single stage tactical trigger (best trigger I’ve ever had) and I often change the upper which in effect gives me another rifle. Still waiting for my 458 socom upper 😈 . My favorite everyday is my wifes SIG 556 (piston driven) 8) . It is a little front end heavy but it runs much cleaner. My best buy for $1300.

    These days you can spend $600 to unlimited on a good rifle. Go to Ed’s and handle a few, spend some time shooting some of your friends various rifles; Check and for some helpful articles. So you can be happy with your choice. Happy shooting.


    Like he says there is all kinds and all kinds of prices stop in and take a look if we do not have what you want we can order.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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