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    Signed and sent Ed. I’ve been watching this for some time and wondered why the governor didn’t sign the bill into law. Get on with it.

    Thanks Ed,



    signed and sent


    Passed tonight !

    May have been changed a little !

    Governor Just needs to sign now !

    Great News !




    sheriffs will not be able to limit # of permits anymore !

    Great news !


    signed sir.


    Approved last night !


    To: NICELY@charter.net

    North Carolina: Comprehensive Pro-Gun Bill Heads to Governor for Approval

    Contact Governor McCrory TODAY and ask him to sign House Bill 937 into law

    Yesterday, the House-Senate conference committee on a critical pro-gun reform bill, House Bill 937, submitted its report that resolved differences between the House and Senate versions of H 937. The state House then passed this legislation by a 73-41 vote, quickly followed by the state Senate on a 32-14 vote. This omnibus firearms reform bill now goes to Governor Pat McCrory (R) for his consideration.

    The final language in H 937 delivered to Governor McCrory leaves the vast majority of the Senate’s version of H 937 intact. The only provision affected was the attempt to repeal the handgun purchase permit law, which requires any North Carolina resident to acquire a permit from the sheriff in the county where he/she resides before acquiring a handgun. Rather than repeal this law, the language approved improves the permit issuing process, establishes a revocation requirement for individuals issued a permit who later become prohibited from purchasing or possessing a firearm, improves the reporting process of the records of individuals who are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), and protects the privacy of individuals applying for a purchase permit. Your NRA will continue to work with legislators on future efforts to fully repeal the outdated handgun purchase permit law.

    Along with several improvements to the handgun purchase permit law, H 937 also does the following:

    Allows Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) holders to lawfully carry their personal protection firearm into a restaurant that serves alcohol.

    Removes the prohibition on CHP holders from carrying into a place where tickets are sold for admission.

    Fixes the problem of anti-gun localities overstepping their authority regarding restricting CHP holders from carrying firearms into locally controlled parks.

    Allows CHP holders to transport their personal protection handguns in their motor vehicle while on all school property, as well as allow them to store those handguns in their locked vehicles while parked on school property.

    Ensures the privacy of CHP holders by allowing access to the database of permittees only for law enforcement purposes.

    Removes the prohibition on CHP holders carrying their personal protection firearms during a parade or funeral.

    Brings North Carolina in compliance with the standards set forth in the federal NICS Improvement Amendments Act (NIAA) of 2007—a critical mental health reform.

    Removes the prohibition on using firearms with sound suppressing devices while otherwise lawfully hunting game.

    H 937 is the most comprehensive pro-gun reform bill passed in North Carolina since 1995, when the original Right-to-Carry law was enacted.

    Passage of this bill could not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of NRA members who continually delivered a clear, consistent and supportive message to state legislators who worked hard on H 937. While many distractions delayed passage of this bill, several key state lawmakers worked tirelessly to ensure these critical reforms were passed. The pro-gun community owes a great deal of thanks to the following state legislators, who worked closely with the NRA on H 937:

    Speaker of the House Thom Tillis (R-98)

    State Representative Jacqueline Schaffer (R-105)


    Just wanted to pass the word that the Governor signed this Legislation last night.



    I had to pass up some good restaurants because they served alcohol. And I honestly believe if a good guy had been carrying in that movie theater and had fired a few rounds at that idiot with the rifle, a few more people would have gotten out alive.

    This is a good thing and will keep the idiots considering that there may be somed carriers where they intend to do their crimes.



    Ok! Now what is the date it takes effect for us is what I want to know!


    Huge improvements all around, but the PPP law is still in effect. I wish it would have at least made it so that the Sheriff couldn’t limit the number of permits. Just moved to the area after being overseas for years and have quickly maxed out my Moore-county allotted 5 permits. The weeks are turning into months as I wait for my CWP to arrive.

    Still a great piece of legislature for NC!


    The purchase permit part is still law; however section 17.2(a) Provide that there is no limitation on the number or frequency of purchase permits that may be issued, and that no other costs or fees other than the $5.00 permit fee set forth in the section may be charged. Keep in mind that this isn’t in effect until 01 OCT.

    The law is far from perfect for gun owners, and its a good victory for gun owners, but that doesn’t mean we should sit back and rest on what is law. Keep emailing, calling and writing your representatives advocating for what you want to see happen. Talk with GRNC and NRA-ILA people and let them know that you want to see other changes. Being proactive and voicing your concern is a fundamental right. Liberals have been the loudest and most obnoxious voice to our reps for too long.



    I have contradicting info on Dec 1 Is when It will go into effect.

    Any one Know 100 % for sure?

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