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    I have been a customer Eds since the late 90s. My entire gun collection totals 7 weapons so I am by no means a big spender. (All but one of them came from Eds by the way.) I was there yesterday with a piece I needed to get repaired on a gun and the show room was FULL of people. Ed saw me and as busy as he was he gladly helped me install the part to fix the gun (at no charge). I bought 3 boxes of shells to replace the ones I shot during deer season while others were buying all they could carry and high dollar guns were flying off the shelves. My total yesterday was $35 plus or minus and honestly that will probably carry me for a while. Ed treats everyone equally, friendly, and professionally no matter if they are there to spend thousands or $20. I also have had great experiences there with Mike Oakley. All of the guys there are great but I have a lot of experience with Mike. That is why I will ALWAYS go to Eds. Thanks for all that you do, and when I can find an “excuse” to come back, I will be there. :D


    Dang boy I must give you a deal now …. LOL


    BiscuitvilleBill, There’s your Excuse, LOL

    And I agree with you.


    Im sure many feel this way about Ed.

    Thanks for all you do Ed.


    Exactly ! Ed, Carlos, and all the other guys are great. I have bought several guns, a ton of ammo in the past,

    and Ed is always fair and friendly. At the Greensboro show several weeks ago, a friend of mine bought a Ruger

    Lcr from Ed and happened to mention my name as mutual friends. Ed gave him $15.00 off just for the mention.

    All total, Tony said he got the Ruger $100.00 cheaper (including the $15.00, though I thought I was worth more

    than that 😆 😆 ) than anyone else had the gun for. That’s why we keep going to Ed’s.


    I made the drive to Ed’s from Raleigh yesterday as I do every couple of weeks. I was happy to see some powder on the shelves, primers, and .308 ammo! The best part, the prices on everything I bought were the same as before the hysteria started. I spent over $600 on ammo and reloading supplies and was happy to do it! Thanks Ed.


    Thanks, Guys..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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