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    Hi, I was referred to you by Marty out at Shooters Supply as I am looking for something Special and he said your probably THE MAN when it comes to Sigs.

    Quick intro to myself:

    36 Years Old

    Shooting Interests: Hobby, Hunting, Tactical

    Current Law Enforcement with Certs in Ohio and Kentucky

    Currently on 3 year assignment as instructor at the John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, Ft. Bragg

    SSG in the US Army

    So now what I am looking for: Sig 226 Scorpion (desert color)

    Also need pricing on a case (1000rds) of 9mm range ammo.

    Thanks in advance for your time…also I saw someone mention in your ads section a show this weekend….any details??


    Ammo $199.95 1000

    I will be back with gun price and availability.

    Gun show is in Charlotte this weekend about 2 1/2 hour drive and

    You will be better off for me to order than make 5 to 6 hour

    Trip there and back ..


    I wasnt looking to go up there to get that gun….but who doesnt LOVE a gun show?? It was just something to do, but i think I will wait for one to come back a little closer to the base here…I missed the last one because I had duty..not to mention who schedules a gun show on Superbowl Sunday.

    on the case of ammo….whats the grain on those rounds? My xd doesnt like soft loads for some reason…need a heavy grain or it doesnt seem to lock the slide on empty…

    Thanks for quick response…


    only found a 229 in that variation $989 Ed

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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