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    Great teacher if your looking for a class.


    I recently took three of Armed Citizens classes and I recommend anyone who hasn’t had any formal training to call or email them and get yourself some realistic one on one class and range time with them. There’s no attitude, no macho BS, just straight forward information you will put to immediate use on the range and in your everyday life. The only thing I regret is waiting! If you haven’t been trained, you’re probably doing “it” wrong.


    Ed, We still have a few seats available for the Practical Pistol class coming up on Saturday, April 19th. The goal of this class is to take a good shooter and make him/her better. The shooting standards that we are working towards in this class, is to get the students on the road to shooting at a very high standard that will generally exceed military and law enforcement standards.

    Standard examples:

    1. Draw and engage 1 human size target with 2 center mass hits in less than 2 seconds. (steel target is set at 10 yards from the shooter)

    2. Draw and engage 3 human size targets with 2 center mass hits on each target, execute a reload, re-engage all 3 targets again, in less than 7 seconds. (3 steel targets are set at 10 yards from the shooter)

    This class is run as a professional training class with the amateur shooter in mind. If you consider yourself a good shooter but are open to challenges to get even better, contact me for additional course info and seat reservations. You can view additonal course info at our website or email

    Larry Buck, Senior Instructor for Training and Development

    P.S. NC concealed carry can be completed in conjunction with this training class.


    Larry where are you teaching this class?


    This course will run at Moore County Wildlife Conservation Club, Southern Pines.


    Ed, I have the Armed Personal Defense training class coming up on the 17th of May. This class is designed for anyone who uses a gun for personal defense in the home, in their car or out in public places. We look at strategies to defeat an armed threat in those three specific environments. Students will live fire in a mock shoot house to simulate a home invasion, students will shoot from a car to simulate a carjacking, and students will also live fire an active shooter scenario. Training will run from 8am-5 pm on Saturday, May 17th at Moore County Wildlife conservation club.

    Our class sizes are limited to 20 students so if anyone would like to reserve a seat or would like more info, they can contact me at or

    A full course descrtiption/ instructor Bio’s can be found at our website,

    Course fee is $ 150.00

    Larry Buck

    An average shooter has an average chance of winning a gunfight.

    A great shooter has a great chance of winning a gunfight.


    I completed the Practical Pistol Training Course with Larry a couple of weeks ago. I had a blast and I gained a lot of useful knowledge about what to do if I ever have to pull my firearm from its holster in self defense. I pray that I never have to put those skills to use, but I am glad that I have a better insight on what to do if I am ever faced with that situation.

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