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    ok i am thinking of reloading , since i jave approx 2000 round 40 S&W brass ,

    some thing i am looking at :

    Dillion :

    Xl650 in sw 40

    40 dies

    Electric case feeder

    Powder check system

    Low powder senser

    Aluminum roller handle

    Strong mount

    Bullet tray

    Wrench set and holder

    Dillon determinator scales

    anyway do you carry any of this stuff and can you do like a complete package deal:

    wear all i have to due is buy bullets and powder and primers

    dick faucette

    You must shoot an awful lot to need a 650 with all the case feeders/etc.

    550 B works well for most if you don’t shoot say 1000 rounds per week.

    Just sayin’………….


    OK that’s what a friend back west has and what hes using so what would be if I went with 550 and what would i need . price wise and all


    I agree, 550 is the way to go, for the average shooter. I was in the store Saturday, and there were 2 550’s on the floor. (After my buddy, bought the 3rd one)

    Don’t hold me to it, but, I think the RL550B, is $379.95. (I was wrong….$389.95 as stated below)

    Also, the RCBS Dies, work with the Dillon, but, I personally, prefer, the Dillon dies, due to the ease of cleaning them.

    Pull a pin, drop the inner die body out, clean, and reinstall, all, without losing your set up.


    550 runs $389.95

    dies Dillon $62.95

    Strong mt $47.95

    conver $44.95

    scale eliminator $54.95

    650 press $499.95

    I suggest you to actually call the shop and ask for Clayton

    or we can call you ..


    when i started reloading 40 S&W i found that the brass that was shot in glocks after being sized still would not chamber right in my springfield xd.

    had to get a special redding pass thru sizing die to pre-size the brass before loading in order to fir in a case lenght checking die. its an extra step but i don’t have feeding problems now.



    If you have any reloading questions I have 2 guys at work that reload.

    It would be best to e-mail any questions so I can forward to them. or call Dillon and they have free tech people

    on the 800 line to help you every day…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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