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    Does anyone have opinions on the Ruger 22/45 pistol? recommendations as far as 4/5 inch barrels?


    Great pistol but haven’t shot the short barrel .


    I have got the 22/45 in the 4″ barrel. That’s the measurement I get from the barrel tip back to the end of the chamber. I got it from Ed back in the summer. I have not shot it a lot but when I have it performed without a flaw. It was very accurate and easy to shoot. I’d give it a thumbs up for anyone considering buying one. As for the 5″ barrel, it would add some extra weight and possibly a little more accuracy but I don’t know if that’s enough to get it. My only knock on the gun is that I think a wooden grip with the Ruger eagle emblem would look much nicer than the black plastic grips that are seemingly fixed and not removable. Otherwise really nice gun.


    I bought a Stainless 22/45, from Ed, when they first came out. Great Shooter, but I could never get used to the way it “Felt” in my hands. The grips felt too thin, for me personally. Ended up, trading it back to Ed, and getting a Mark III Hunter. Stainless, fluted Barrel, with the gorgeous Rosewood Grips, and I’ve been very satisfied with it.


    I’ve had a 22/45 with the 5″ barrel for 18 months and fire it regularly at a local range. Prior to buying this weapon, I owned a Ruger Mark III, Luger style with a 4″ tapered barrel. After firing a coworkers 22/45, I was sold on the model. My 22/45 is a very accurate pistol and it is jam-free through several 1000 rounds. The only thing I would mention is it does not like Remington Thunderbolt ammo. Many misfires with that particular brand of bullet (and they seem to be a very dirty round). Winchester, federal, CCI all seem to work flawlessly in the weapon. For my old eyes, I would prefer a high visibility sight versus the standard black blades. It’s fun to shoot at standard targets up to 20 yards away and an absolute blast to rapid fire at a silhouette from 9 yards in. It will pump out ten rounds in one quick hurry. As a big plus, it’s also cheap to shoot. I would recommend that you go to a range and rent one before you buy it. After a couple 100 rounds, you will know what you like or dislike about the gun.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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