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    This was the biggest one day we have ever had in 34 years of business in our store.

    Due to what is going on you may have a hard time getting us on the phone.

    I am not having time to answer all e mails .. There is only so many hours

    In a day. You need to come if you can to the store. I had lines most of the

    Day, it’s hard to walk away and take all the phone calls with people waiting.

    I am searching for stuff on line at night.

    Thanks for understanding,



    Ed,We appreciate what you and the staff do for us as gun owners! I will be down Mon.if possible! Thanks for your efforts,SlickOne


    Ed: Was at the store today and picked up my layaway on a nice a nice 1911…thank you

    to you and Carlos for as always a pleasant experience…keep up doing the great work

    y’all do there.

    Merry Christmas………MB


    I don’t envy you guys one bit. Thanks for what you do, you guys by far have the best storefront in the southeast from my travels through, FL, GA, SC, and NC… keep it up! This political climate will pass…


    Thanks Ed fr all you and yours folks do. I came in yesterday to get a Ruger LCR. There were not any of the .38 Special+P left except with lasers. I didn’t want the laser, so you were able to take the grips off of a .22 and put on the .38. This was able to get me out the door with the gun I wanted.

    Just want to say thank you again.


    Thank you if I can make it happen I will.

    I try to think outside the box.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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