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    Used 5.25 springfield 9 mm and 45

    Lots of new Glock Blue label and std label guns in almost every model in stock…

    Beretta PX 4 40 cals in special buy

    Ruger LC 9 mm pistols in

    Rem 870 Tact Guns in

    Tri star 20 reg and youth guns in

    Charter arms 9 mm rev and 40 cal rev in

    Springfield XDS black pistols in

    Browning new model A-5 in

    S&W model 63 3 inch new guns in

    M&P 45 compact in

    Ruger LCR 38

    FN AR rifle

    More Sig 308 rifles on way

    Very Busy day no time for pictures Getting ready for NRA And 5 baby Goats born in Last 2 days… Maybe 6 when I go check one had 3 other had 2 when I left her ……


    Looking to pick up that Glock 22 40 cal soon—can i bring a deposit if you have one so it does not get sold?


    Yes sir


    Ed, do you still have the 5.25 9mm xdm? What price are you looking at? Thanks


    I will need to check

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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