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    Planning on purchasing an AR style 22 LR. I like the Colt and the S&W. At a recent show got to handle both and the Colt felt less plastic than the S&W. My wife actually noticed a difference also. Any feedback, pros and cons of each would be greatly appreciated. Hope to make the Raleigh show and pick one up. Thank Jerry.


    I personally really like the Sig 522 as well, don’t know if you have had a look at one of these. Also, I will be reminding Ed before upcoming show to bring at least. Very reliable per reviews I have looked at as well. Also only one I have read about that slide locks back when mag is empty, small detail but worth mentioning.



    I have the most positive feed back on the Ruger S&W and Sig not on the others..


    colt (walther-umarex) has bolt open feature also.

    searching the web will show issues with most…

    think the sig may be the ‘new’ kid on the block… and ruger is 10-22 based

    my colt… better than it was after some adjustments.

    seems to really need to be clean to perform well… but still expect a few misfires.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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