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    Ed, I know M&P Shields in 9mm and 40 caliber have been slow coming in since the early orders. That aside, apparently some gunshops have started being able to get Shield 9mm barrels from S&W. These have proved to be interchangable with 40 cal barrels, and the 40 cal magazines handle the 9 mm rounds so you don’t have to buy new magazines as well.

    If you can get a 9mm barrel, I’ll buy it from you for my 40 Shield, and if you can get more than one, I’ll be glad to post your shop on the S&W Forum (as another poster did this week for a shop in Massachusetts that had been able to get a few barrels) and I’m sure you would make some national sales off of it. Many owners of 40 Shields seem interested in being able to buy the 9mm barrels to take advantage of having a “2 in 1” subcompact, with a less expensive ammo alternative for target shooting while still having the 40 round for self defense.

    Price that was advertised from the shop in Massachusetts was $75 for the 9mm barrel, which does not sound like a bad price for a pistol with an MSRP of $449.



    looking now…

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