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    After reading about Ed’s shop here and on other boards, I went to visit personally.

    Let’s just say, they are one of the best gun shops I have ever been to and I have been to many. I had seen that about a week before I went that Ed had got in some Rossi M92″s so I took a chance and made the trip from Durham.

    Super friendly staff Promptly greeted when I entered and the gentleman out front took the time to find out what I was looking for and gave me the .50 tour of the store, pointing out the sections. I headed out back and found a tremendous inventory. Took a swing around the perimeter and found the lever guns. I didn’t see a .357 but one of the sales team saw me and asked if he could help. So I took a chance and asked about a .357 lever gun. Mark (or Mike, not sure now, but he did introduce himself) thought they had one in the back and sure enough comes out with exactly the one I was looking for and at a very fair price. Let me fondle and drool on it and that was that.

    We do the 4473 and before he finishes it asks if there was anything else I might be interested in. Bad question to ask me when I had money in my pocket. :) I asked about a CZ712 Utility and sure enough, Ed had one, let me paw that one and yes, I wanted that too. At another very fair price.

    No pressure, prompt, no bull answers to my questions. I get the feeling that even if I did not buy anything, my presence was welcome.

    So Thank you Ed and crew. I will be back the next time I need anything. You and your team are some of the best around and as a customer, I feel like part of the family.


    Thank you ! We do have a lot of stuff in our Back room. When I built the shop I thought I would never fill the shelves now we have more in the back than out. If my customers do not see it please ask.. Lots of stuff coming in daily. I accidentally skipped over this guys request to be put on the forum. I try to filter out spammers….

    If any one does not get put on line within 24 hrs Please e-mail me. I am the only one who gets the e-mails. much better than PM ‘s Ed


    I have been to other shops and when I went to Ed’s I saw what it was supposed to be like. Everyone who goes to Ed’s knows……great people, great prices and it saves you time…only place to go!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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