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    LEO Glocks in Not enough to cover all orders and more in transit.

    Comical Glocks too

    New 2013 guns from SMITH & WESSON Performance 642 and 637

    1911 E series

    Rock Island 1911 45 finally back in…

    Springfield 1911 more in

    Sig 938

    Gp 100 revolvers

    CZ 22 mag semi auto rifles

    XDM pistols

    S&W big Rev 357 44 and 460

    CZ 75 pistols

    Ruger LCP 380

    Ruger KP-95 pistols in

    M&P S&W pistols on even pro series 40 cal

    Vtac Pistol S&W 9

    HK pistols in

    Kahr pistols in

    Taurus titanium 38 revs

    410 Judge rev in

    Henry 22 lever rifles we have 30-30 44 and 45 LC last I looked in stock

    Blue label law Mil FNX 45 pistols in Scar 223 reduced price LEO gun in

    Sig 1911 22 Green tan and Black in

    Kimber pistols 1911 Pro CDP and Custom Crimson Carry in a few others in stock

    Browning 22 Buckmark pistols in

    Its hard to catch up when selling over a 100 guns a day, we are receiving today around 75

    We sill are geting AR,s daily more customers than guns though..

    I have 500-1000 people wanting black guns but not enough coming in.

    Your best chance is to be there when they arrive , I know it tough I can not make everyone happy and

    everyone is my best friend … we may get some around 9 usually small amount if any then 10-11 UPS brings a handful

    if lucky we get a third shipment around 3 ish but today it was around 5 pm due to all the holiday packages..

    We are getting crowds in all day long and phones ringing people begging for stuff.. I wish I knew the answer yea, I should have had more inventory

    who new the election would go this way then the tragic shooting everyone is scared they will not get one.. There has been shortages all year…

    now its at a maximum problem.. I have been going on wholesalers web sights we have more guns in stock then they do..

    Ammo is running out the door too. I had 100 cases of 9 mm and 45 now less than 25 9 mm and 35 45 cal

    had 50 cases of 40 on hand maybe 5 left had over 100 cases of 223 / 556 all gone some coming in but not much..

    Maybe used stuff later..

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