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    Walther p-22 pistols in

    Walther 380 pistols in

    S&W 22 cal 317 revolvers and 63 and 617 revolvers in

    S&W M&P pistols in several 40 cal pistols

    Remington 1911 pistols

    Iver Johnson new 1911 pistols more in check them out on the web

    Browning Maxus 12 ga shotguns in

    Remingtons new 12 ga auto loader

    Remington 870 shotguns home defense guns

    Ruger 7 1/2 44 Red hawk

    Taurus judges several in

    Beretta 92 and M-9

    Sig 290 & 238 in good supply

    Colt stainless commander

    Glocks in Blue label guns good supply discounted to Police Fire Rescue / First responders up to $120 off normal price


    Ed – do you have a waiting list started on the Ruger SR1911 yet? Any idea when/if you may be getting any in? Thanks.


    1 on list and after NRA show I have been told that is this weekend..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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